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Bird Song


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Or say "Alexa, enable Bird Song"

Plays a variety of beautiful bird songs and calls -- over 260 and growing! Includes a Name That Bird game plus a few hidden Easter eggs to keep things fun.

Bird Song is a serene and entertaining skill that plays hundreds of different bird songs and calls. You can ask for a specific bird ("Alexa, ask Bird Song for a melodious blackbird"), a general bird ("Alexa, ask Bird Song for a blackbird"), or have Alexa select a random bird for you ("Alexa, ask Bird Song for a random bird"). For even more fun, ask Bird Song for a game to see how good you are at identifying birds by their voice alone. Bird Song is frequently updated with new songs and features. To provide feedback or get the latest news and updates, please visit... Another noisy skill from

Invocation Name

bird song

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Bird Song for a blackbird
Alexa, ask Bird Song to surprise me
Alexa, ask Bird Song for a game

Release Date

June 8th 2016