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Bingo Mozart

henry nisce

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Or say "Alexa, enable Bingo Mozart"

Play Bingo whlie listening to Mozart music.

Invite the entire family for an exciting Bingo Game with Mozart playing in the background. Sample interaction:<br/>You: (Play) Bingo Mozart<br/>Alexa: Welcome ... Are you ready?<br/>You: YES<br/>Alexa Under ) , 64.....(music plays 4 sec ).Next?<br/>You: YES<br/>Alexa Under B , 7... Next?<br/>You : YES<br/>Alexa: Under I, 25....Next?<br/>You WAIT<br/>Alexa: Ok. (plays music 8 secs) ...... Next?<br/>You: BINGO!<br/>Alexa: I heard Bingo, say New Game or check the number.You: (CHECK) 7<br/>Alexa: Yes 7 has been called.....Next?<br/>You: (CHECK) 21 <br/>Alexa: 21 is not there....Next?....Next?<br/>You: (Possible responses)<br/>Continue CHECKing other number to verify like the above<br/>RESUME GAME (continue where it left off) <br/>NEW GAME (resets game)<br/>WHAT (repeats last number)<br/>STOP

Invocation Name

bingo mozart

Interaction Examples

Alexa, play Bingo Mozart
Alexa, open Bingo Mozart
Alexa start Bingo Mozart

Release Date

November 1st 2017