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Big Lake Information Skill

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Or say "Alexa, enable Big Lake Information Skill"

Find out what's happing around Big Lake, Washington

Live near Big Lake, Washington? This skill will help you stay on top of things. Want local weather conditions? Forget if it's recycle week? How about a local water conditions report? Or even what's on the menu for school lunch? This skill has you covered!<br/><br/>Phrases to try include:<br/><br/>Alexa, ask Big Lake How is the water? (or Should I go water skiing? or What are the water conditions?)<br/>Alexa, tell Big Lake the lake is calm, (or choppy, or glassy, or stormy, or rough)<br/>Alexa, ask Big Lake What's for school lunch today? (or tomorrow, or Friday, or on April 10th...)<br/>Alexa, ask Big Lake Is it garbage day? (or When is garbage day, or Is it recycle week?)<br/>Alexa, ask Big Lake for the weather

Invocation Name

big lake

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Big Lake What's the weather?
Alexa, ask Big Lake What's for school lunch tomorrow?
Alexa, ask Big Lake Is it recycle week?

Release Date

March 30th 2017