Big Jerk: Insult Your Friends - Alexa Skill

Big Jerk: Insult Your Friends


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Or say "Alexa, enable Big Jerk: Insult Your Friends"

Ask this Big Jerk to give your friends personalized insults. Over 10 million possible insults!

Provide Big Jerk with the name of your friend (or enemy) and Alexa will provide you with an insult created specifically for your friend. Or just ask for an insult with no name, and Big Jerk will insult himself.

Invocation Name

big jerk

Interaction Examples

Alexa tell Big Jerk to insult Tiffany.
Alexa get an insult from Big Jerk.
Alexa ask Big Jerk to tell Kevin what he really thinks.

Release Date

June 26th 2017