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For seniors living independently or with assistance, Better Every Day is the best way to maintain their well-being and independence.

Better Every Day provides a daily check-in for seniors who are living independently or in assisted living. Through a simple question-and-answer conversation, it enables seniors, their caregivers, and their loved ones to track well-being and anticipate potential issues before they become serious. It also provides a tutorial for new users of the Amazon Alexa environment.<br/> <br/>To get started, say &ldquo;Alexa, open Better Every Day.&rdquo; Then say your activation code when Alexa asks for it. Your activation code was mailed to you or provided when your Echo device was installed. Follow the instructions to set a new personal identification number (PIN). You will use this number when you log in to the skill in the future.<br/> <br/>You must have a registered account to use this skill. For more information, please call customer service at 888-613-7806.<br/> <br/>Better Every Day does not provide medical advice, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Call your doctor to receive medical advice. If you think you may have a medical emergency, please dial your local emergency response phone number.<br/><br/>Better Every Day and Healthy Every Day are provided by Pharos Innovations, LLC, which has helped more than twenty thousand individuals maintain their health and independence since 2000. For more information, please see

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better every day

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Alexa, open Better Every Day

Release Date

December 9th 2017