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Best-Selling Book Trivia

Kevin Tian

Or say "Alexa, enable Best-Selling Book Trivia"

Want to test yourself on the world's best-selling books of all time with trivia? Excited to learn about a best-selling author? This skill is perfect for you!

This skill provides information for over 50 of the world's best-selling novels of all time. From JK Rowling to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, you can sharpen your skills and learn about the years in which these famous novels were published. Upon prompting "Book Trivia," the skill will provide the user with information regarding the book or author. The user may continue to prompt the expert for more information on the other books or start a fun trivia game with 10 questions based on these 50+ best-selling books of all time. Facts were taken from the Wikipedia article on the best-selling books found at: <>.

Invocation Name

book trivia

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Book Trivia for JK Rowling information
Tell me about The Lord of the Rings
Start a quiz

Release Date

August 21st 2017