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Beginning Player Selector

Or say "Alexa, enable Beginning Player Selector"

Having trouble selecting a player to begin a game? Let this skill help you with that tough decision!

Do you want to start a new round of your favorite board game but have trouble with choosing a beginning player? <br/>The &quot;Beginning Player Selector&quot; skill will help you with this tough decision! <br/>The skill will provide you an unbiased answer that will easily let you pick the person who will start the game. The answer works in almost any situations no matter how many players will join the game. It is designed to work with families, a group of friends or total strangers.

Invocation Name

beginning player selector

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start Beginning Player Selector.
Alexa, open Beginning Player Selector.
Alexa, ask Beginning Player Selector to choose a beginning player.

Release Date

August 9th 2017