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Beer Snob

Bill Krahmer

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Or say "Alexa, enable Beer Snob"

Request user rating and information about a specific beer.

Ask beer snob to look up a specific beer. Information returned is: the brewery that brews the beer, the beer style, and the user rating score from When supplying the beer name, the brewery name is optional. If the name of the beer is ambiguous, please include the brewery name. If multiple beers are found from your request, information on the first beer found will be returned. If this happens, you may want to give more information in your next request.

Invocation Name

beer snob

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Beer Snob about Stone IPA
Alexa, ask Beer Snob to rate Founders Breakfast Stout
Alexa, ask Beer Snob to find Stone Imperial Stout

Release Date

January 23rd 2017