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Or say "Alexa, enable Beer Bot"

Looking for a locally crafted beer? Not sure what style is right for you? This skill helps find you the right tasty beverage as well as locations to try out.

Do you need an assistant to help you with what beers to try out? The Beer Bot is a helper that performs research for you on what types of beers are available as well as what microbreweries serve it up. With data from more than one thousand microbreweries from across the United States, the Beer Bot application can be your own personal assistant. - Do you already have a favorite microbrewery? Then just say "What's on tap" and the name of the microbrewery, and the response will include all of the different beers currently available. There are five thousand microbreweries to choose from, so - Say "Find me a beer". This provides a selector guide of more than 100 beers. The skill will drill down into beer categories and styles, providing details to wet your appetite! - Say "List for me the microbreweries in Chicago" or "List for me the microbreweries in Portland". There are microbrewery listings in all fifty states, so plenty of choices. - After listening to the microbreweries in a location, say "More details on " and the brewery name. This will list all of the beers that are currently known for that microbrewery. Disclaimer: the skill may not be suitable for all ages. Data provided by If you would like to have your favorite microbrewery listed, please post information there and we will load it into our libraries.

Invocation Name

beer bot

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Beer bot
Find me a beer
List microbreweries for Richmond

Release Date

June 22nd 2016