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Beeline Assistant, powered by ATOM, enables you to interact with Beeline VMS. Ask Beeline Assistant for market rates and trends for major US metropolitan areas.

The purpose of Beeline Assistant is to replace the traditional user interface with a technology-enabled virtual assistant that uses automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding to interpret users' requests to gather insights into non-employee labor market rate and market trend information for major US metropolitan areas. Beeline Assistant is powered by its proprietary ATOM (Automated Talent Ontology Machine) platform. When combined with our Applied AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform, extensive human understanding of talent management needs and publiclyavailable US non-employee labor data, Beeline Assistant provides workforce guidance to optimize decisions and actions: ubiquitously, 24/7, and without having to login to the VMS.

Invocation Name

beeline assistant

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask Beeline Assistant what is the market rate for a project manager in Denver Colorado
Alexa ask Beeline Assistant to get my market trend for Jacksonville Florida
Alexa ask Beeline Assistant market trend Houston Texas

Release Date

May 17th 2017