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Or say "Alexa, enable Beauty Tips"

WUNDER2 has your daily guide to the hottest trending beauty tips. From perfect brows, to eyeshadow hacks WUNDER2 helps you achieve the beauty look you want!

You can now use your Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa to keep up to date with current beauty trends, learn great makeup hacks and find perfect products for your beauty routine. &#8232;To get started, simply ask Alexa what the &ldquo;beauty tip of the day&rdquo; is.<br/>&nbsp;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, what is the beauty tip of the day?&rdquo;<br/>&nbsp;<br/>Alexa will guide you through the best beauty tips for the season that update every day. Let Alexa &amp; WUNDER2 take the stress out of your beauty routine!

Invocation Name

beauty tips

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open Beauty Tips
What is the beauty tip of the day
beauty tip of the day please

Release Date

November 24th 2017