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Beach Goer

Kenway Chan

Or say "Alexa, enable Beach Goer"

Beach lovers? Craving your next summer vacation? Start this quiz NOW to test your knowledge of America's BEST BEACHES! Family friendly and kids friendly!

This game includes over 30 top beaches in America's coastal states (California, Hawaii, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Georgia, and so on). <br/><br/>Given its location and a unique description from online travel guides, name the beach correctly to score big! You don't need prior knowledge at all since a lot of these names are easy to guess. Say &quot;start a quiz&quot; to get started, or say the beach name to listen to its description. <br/><br/>Never been to that beach before? Add that to your ideaboard for your next summer adventure! <br/><br/>Family friendly and kids friendly.

Invocation Name

beach goer

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Beach Goer to start a quiz.
Alexa, ask Beach Goer for Revere Beach Information.
Alexa, ask Beach Goer what do you know about Coney Island Beach?

Release Date

November 10th 2017