BattleGrounds Streams - Alexa Skill

BattleGrounds Streams

Barrett Montgomery

Or say "Alexa, enable BattleGrounds Streams"

Launch this skill to get a list of the 5 live highest viewer count streams.

This skill will enable Alexa to tell you the names of the five currently live PUBG streamers with the most viewers. If you have the Alexa app on your phone or an Echo Show, Alexa will display the viewer count for each streamer on your device.<br/><br/>Please note that not all stream names are easy to pronounce for Alexa (e.g. th3d4rkness), but that I add new pronunciations for streamer names every day! If she mispronounces something one day, it may well be fixed the next!

Invocation Name

battlegrounds streams

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Battlegrounds Streams for the top live streams.
Alexa, ask Battlegrounds Streams for current streams.
Alexa, open Battlegrounds Streams and get the current top streams.

Release Date

September 7th 2017