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Basketball Player Points

Raj Bhanushali

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Or say "Alexa, enable Basketball Player Points"

An Alexa skill that tells you how many points an NBA player scored in their most recent game.

NBA Player Points gives the number of points any NBA player has scored in their most recent NBA game (has to be from the current season). At the time, it does not tell you any other stats such as assists and rebounds. However, it will be added in a future update. It is very simple to get started as there is no account process needed, and can be used once enabling the skill. Please note that this is not affiliated with the NBA in anyway and all the statistics used in this skill are all courtesy of the NBA.

Invocation Name

basketball points

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask basketball points how many points Russell Westbrook scored.
Alexa, open basketball points
Alexa, ask basketball points about LeBron James

Release Date

November 21st 2016