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Baseball BASIQs presents defensive situations just like a player experiences in the real game. Test your player's knowledge and improve their Game IQ!

Baseball BASIQs helps develop your players' baseball IQ. <br/><br/>Ask Alexa for a &quot;situation&quot; for any position and she will give you a setup (runners on base, # of outs) and tell you where and how the ball is hit. She then takes a brief pause before explaining what should be done in the given situation.<br/><br/>An example would be:<br/> - &quot;You are playing shortstop&quot;<br/> - &quot;There are runners on First and Third&quot;<br/> - &quot;There is one out&quot;<br/> - &quot;There is a hard-ground ball to Second Baseman&quot;<br/> - &quot;What is your play?&quot;<br/> - &quot;Your play is to hustle to Second Base to take the toss from Second Baseman for one out and then make quick throw to First Base to complete the double play!&quot;<br/><br/>Baseball BASIQs contains over 7,000 situations to learn from! Give us a try today! <br/><br/>Check us out at

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baseball basiqs

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Baseball BASIQs for a Shortstop situation.
Alexa, open Baseball BASIQs.
Alexa, ask Baseball BASIQs for help.

Release Date

September 5th 2017