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Bargain Buddy

Nick Schwab

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Or say "Alexa, enable Bargain Buddy"

Find out the daily deal from merchants like Woot and Meh by asking Alexa.

Enables Alexa to tell you the current deal-of-the-day from several daily deal websites and how much it costs. Currently supports: - Woot - Meh - Home Woot - Electronics Woot - Computers Woot - Tools Woot - Sport Woot - Accessories Woot - Kids Woot - Sellout Woot - Wine Woot - Shirt Woot

Invocation Name

bargain buddy

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Bargain Buddy for the Woot.
Alexa, ask Bargain Buddy to tell me today's Meh deal.
Alexa, open Bargain Buddy and tell me the Sport Woot.

Release Date

March 21st 2016