BarJoker - Alexa Skill




Or say "Alexa, enable BarJoker"

Hear a 'walks into a bar' joke based on a word or phrase.

Having trouble coming up with a joke? The BarJoker will try to help you by telling you a ‘walks into a bar’ joke based on a word or phrase you provide. Start the skill by saying “Alexa, open bar joker”, then say a single word (e.g. ‘giraffe’, or ‘guy’), or say a whole phrase to start the joke (e.g. ‘a talking dog walks into a bar’). You can also go right into a request, e.g. “Alexa, tell bar joker baseball”, “Alexa, tell bar joker a man walks into a bar”, or “Alexa, ask bar joker about baseball”. If you can’t think of something, the skill will give you a few suggestions. You can stop anytime by saying ‘exit’. This skill may not be suitable for all ages.

Invocation Name

bar joker

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask BarJoker for a joke about a giraffe.
A man walked into a bar.
A font.

Release Date

September 3rd 2016