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Austen Zhu

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Or say "Alexa, enable BadFactBot"

Tired of Alexa always giving you the right facts? Well now you can uneducate yourself with BadFactBot. 100% misinformation guaranteed.

DISCLAIMER: This skill is a prank skill for entertainment purposes only. Are you tired of the endless stream of fact skills that actually tell inform you? Are you frustrated with Alexa always being such a smart aleck? Well now you can laugh at the machine instead. Introducing BadFactBot for Alexa, a bot that generates incorrect facts, 100% of the time. Be prepared for BadFactBot to claim that Java is a 2004 American teen comedy, that lawyers are a family of apicomplexan parasites, and that Monster Buster Club is an international organisation that represents chemists in individual countries. So what are you waiting for? "Ask BadFactBot a fact" now! For more uneducation, find us @BadFactBot! NOTE: Due to the format of some wikipedia articles, this alexa skill may sometimes take up to 10 secs to load.

Invocation Name

bad fact bot

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Bad Fact Bot a fact
Alexa, ask Bad Fact Bot to tell me a bad fact
Alexa, ask Bad Fact bot to give me another bad fact

Release Date

January 22nd 2017