Or say "Alexa, enable Babybeeps"

An Alexa Skill for parents to manage health and development progress of children from birth to teens.

Allows parents to update or track doctor recommended information like diaper changes, height, weight, head circumference,get growth percentile vs age, nursing/formula/breast milk feedings, track solids introduction and reactions ,sleep info, past &amp; upcoming medications , medical conditions, get air quality info for parents from major indian cities (for kids who have asthma/pollution related allergies) and more. <br/><br/>Alexa makes the babybeeps app, hands-free.<br/><br/>Please note : This skill does not provide medical advice, and is for informational and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Call your doctor to receive medical advice. If you think you may have a medical emergency, please dial 911 or your local city/country emergency service. To protect privacy and prevent misuse, you cant update or add contact information (phone, email etc) and any personal details or retrieve any personal information . To change any of those, please use the babybeeps app.<br/><br/>Skill requires parents to signup using the Babybeeps android app available in Amazon App store or in Google play store. First time user using the skill with Alexa, it will ask for the eight digit SHS ID (eg., SHS-12345678) . Subsequent interactions, it will recognize you,but you might have to repeat the utterance again.<br/><br/><br/>Intents and possible utterances available for parents:<br/><br/>Topic: Air quality information to plan day better for children with air related conditions like asthma. Available for Chennai (city1), Hyderabad (city2), Mumbai (city3), New Delhi (city4) and Kolkata (city5) . To make it easy for alexa to understand, please use the city codes mentioned in brackets instead of actual city names<br/>say: get aqi for city1<br/><br/>Topic: Get growth related information of the child. You can ask for height , weight or head circumference<br/>say: get height for first child<br/>say: get weight percentile for first child<br/><br/>Topic: Update growth related information of the child: You can update height , weight or head circumference<br/>to update weight, say: first child is 25 pounds<br/>to update height, say: first child is 40 inches<br/>to update head circumference , say: first child is 30 centimeters<br/><br/>Topic: Get upcoming vaccinations in the next one month :<br/>say: get vaccinations for first child<br/><br/>Topic: Get medications being used now or upcoming week<br/>say: get current medications for first child<br/><br/>Topic: Get medications used in last week:<br/>say: get past medications for first child<br/><br/>Topic: Get medication conditions of the child:<br/>say: get medical conditions for first child<br/><br/>Topic: Update feeding information (solids). Type of solids, time taken and reaction are needed values.<br/>say: first child ate solid five ounces of apple at nine am and loved it<br/><br/>Allowed reaction types/food types: https://goo.gl/pkk829<br/><br/>Topic: Update feeding information (Liquids). Only formula or breastmilk are allowed value for bottle feed. Quantity and time child had it are needed.<br/>say: Bottlefed eight ounces of formula at ten pm for first child<br/><br/>Topic: Update feeding information (Nursing). Time child nursed and duration are needed.<br/>say: first child breastfed for twelve minute at six pm<br/><br/>Topic: Update Pumping related information. Side pumped, time , duration and quantity are needed<br/>say: pumped left side five ounces at five am for sixty minutes<br/><br/>Topic: Diaper Related. Need to enter whether child has dirty (poo) or wet (pee) diaper and time you observed or you think child has the incident<br/>say: first child has dirty diaper at ten pm<br/><br/>Topic: Update symptoms child is experiencing. Please remember only enter the major symptom child is having. Temperature is in Fahrenheit<br/>say: first child temperature is hundred at ten pm and has fever<br/><br/>Topic: Update sleeping information: Time child slept , if its yesterday and duration are needed.<br/>say: first child slept for nine hours from nine am<br/>say: first child slept for nine hours since nine pm yesterday

Invocation Name

baby beeps

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell baby beeps first child is 25 pounds
Alexa, ask baby beeps to get vaccinations for first child
Alexa, tell baby beeps to get aqi for city 1

Release Date

May 5th 2017