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Baby journal

Or say "Alexa, enable Baby journal"

Log your baby's activity

Log and retrieve your baby's activities hands free!<br/><br/>To start the skill, you can say:<br/>- Alexa, open Baby journal<br/><br/>Alexa will then ask you what do you want to log, to which you can reply:<br/><br/>- Poo<br/>- Wee<br/>- Feed<br/><br/>You can also ask Alexa when was the last time your baby did one of those things:<br/>- When was the last feed?<br/>- When was the last poo?<br/>- When was the last wee?<br/><br/>Or, ask how many did you log in the last 24 hours:<br/>- How many poos in the last 24 hours?<br/>- How many wees in the last 24 hours?<br/>- How many feeds in the last 24 hours?<br/><br/>If Alexa makes a mistake and logs the wrong action, you can remove the previous entry with:<br/>- Delete the previous entry<br/><br/>You can get all the data you have logged sent to you via email. Say:<br/>- Send me my data<br/><br/>To do that, you'll have to link your Amazon account to Baby Journal. If you haven't done it yet, saying &quot;send me my data&quot; will prompt a link card in your mobile phone's Alexa app. <br/>You can also link your account in the skill web page for Baby Journal in Alexa's web site.

Invocation Name

baby journal

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask baby journal to log a poo
Alexa ask baby journal how many wees
Alexa ask baby journal when was the last feed

Release Date

March 9th 2017