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Baby Bedtime Lullabies

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Or say "Alexa, enable Baby Bedtime Lullabies"

Relaxing bedtime lullabies for baby

A skill to play soothing lullabies to help baby sleep.<br/><br/>The following lullabies are available:<br/><br/>&bull; Moon and Little Stars<br/>&bull; Baby Sleep<br/>&bull; Two hour lullaby (repeating tune for 2 hours)<br/>&bull; Four hour Brahms lullaby (repeating tune for 4 hours)<br/><br/>The supported commands:<br/><br/>Alexa, Ask Baby Bedtime to &lt;command&gt;<br/><br/>where command is one of <br/><br/>&bull; Play/start/begin<br/><br/><br/>Alexa, &lt;command&gt;<br/><br/>where command is one of<br/><br/>&bull; Shuffle on/off<br/>&bull; Loop on/off<br/>&bull; Next/Skip<br/>&bull; Previous<br/>&bull; Start over<br/>&bull; Cancel/Stop/Pause/Resume

Invocation Name

baby bedtime

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Ask Baby Bedtime to play
Alexa, Ask Baby Bedtime to start
Alexa, Ask Baby Bedtime to begin

Release Date

October 4th 2017