Alexa,open room light

Set different instructions for each device, your voice, it will do it for you automatically.<br/>Unconstrained features, support for custom.<br/><br/>Format:<br/>1&#65292;{Action} <br/>2&#65292;{Action} {Device Name}<br/>3&#65292;{Action} {Room Name} {Device Name}<br/><br/>Explanation:<br/>{Action} Indicates device action, eg: turn on, turn off, on, off, open, close....<br/>{Room Name} Names of rooms typical in houses and other buildings. eg: bathroom, cellar,..<br/>{Device Name} Words for different types of devices. eg: computer, power,...<br/><br/>Use the following example, you must set the relevant command in the BW Home APP, otherwise it can not be executed.<br/><br/>Correct Single Interaction E.g:<br/>ask: Alexa ask b. w. turn on room light<br/>ask: Alexa ask b. w. turn off room light<br/><br/>Correct Conversational E.g:<br/>ask: alexa open b. w.<br/>ask: open room light<br/>ask: close room light<br/>ask: turn off room light<br/>ask: turn on room light<br/>ask: exit <br/><br/>error E.g (The error order):<br/>ask: light room on.<br/>ask: light off room.

Invocation Name

b. w.

Interaction Examples

Alexa open b. w.
turn on room light.
turn off room light.

Release Date

December 22nd 2017