Or say "Alexa, enable B/S/H/ facts"

B/S/H/ facts outputs facts about BOSCH SIEMENS home appliances

This skill will output interesting facts about the German company B/S/H/.<br/><br/>The company is one of the biggest producers of home appliances worldwide.<br/><br/>The B/S/H/ product range includes large home appliances for cooking, dish-washing, laundry care, refrigeration and freezing, as well as a multitude of small appliances, such as fully automatic espresso machines, floor care and hot water appliances.

Invocation Name

b. s. h. facts

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open B S H facts.
Alexa, launch B S H facts.
Alexa, open B S H facts and give me a fact.

Release Date

September 22nd 2017