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BMM Dallas

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Or say "Alexa, enable BMM Dallas"

Get more information on the impressive proposal to host the 19th BMM convention in Dallas.

Get exciting fun facts and information about the bid to host the 9th BMM convention in Dallas. You will know more about the goals and planned activities, you will get to know about Dallas as the host city and you will also find updated information on the proposed hotels.<br/>You can say:<br/>- Open BMM Dallas<br/>- Tell me a fun fact<br/>- Tell me about Dallas<br/>- Give me available hotels<br/>- Give me hotel information for the Omni or the Sheraton

Invocation Name

b. m. m. dallas

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask BMM Dallas for a fun fact.
Give me available hotels
Tell me about Dallas

Release Date

April 29th 2017