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BART Control

Nic Raboy

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Or say "Alexa, enable BART Control"

BART Control provides information such as arrival times, fare prices, advisories, and parking costs.

BART Control allows you to determine when the next train arrives at the location that you specify, what the travel costs are between two stations, determine if there are any elevator or general advisories, and the parking situation at each of the stations. Supported phrases you can say include: "How much is parking at Bay Fair?", "How many trains are in operation?", "What is the elevator status?", "When will the next Walnut Creek train arrive?", "Are there any advisories?", "When does the last Richmond train depart?", and "What is the fare from Concord to Civic Center?" All responses use real time information.

Invocation Name

bart control

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask BART Control when the next Fremont train arrives
Alexa, ask BART Control what the fare is from West Oakland to SFO
Alexa, ask BART Control if there are any advisories

Release Date

July 13th 2016