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Aviation Courses Limited

Mark Storer

Or say "Alexa, enable Aviation Courses Limited"

Practice sample questions for Aircraft Maintenance, Pilot, or Drone tests from the FAA.

Ask Alexa for practice question for FAA exam preparation. Aviation Courses Limited offers courses for preparation for FAA examinations. (aviationcourseslimited.com)<br/><br/>Say things like &quot;Alexa, Give me a Powerplant question form Aviation Courses Limited.&quot; or &quot;Open Aviation Courses Limited.&quot; then &quot;Ask me a Unmanned Aircraft question.&quot; You can ask Alexa to &quot;Give me a hint.&quot;, Give me a different question.&quot; or &quot;Repeat the question.&quot; You can reply with your Choice. Alexa will tell you if you are correct. You can even ask &quot;Who is Aviation Courses Limited.&quot;

Invocation Name

aviation courses limited

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open Aviation Courses Limited.
I want Aviation Courses Limited to ask me a Powerplant question.
Give me an Drone question from Aviation Courses Limited

Release Date

September 25th 2017