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Avenged Sevenfold Fan Game

Lokesh Rishi

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Are you a Avenged Sevenfold fan? Do you think you know the band enough? Come test your A7X knowledge by playing this fun game*! *Unofficial: By an A7X fan.

Come test your knowledge about the band Avenged Sevenfold!<br/><br/>From 'Waking The Fallen' to 'The Stage', do you know everything about the band? This skill got some fun facts that will make you say, &quot;Is that TRUE!&quot;<br/><br/>Do you know the name of Zacky's dog?<br/>Do you know when did they release their first album?<br/>How did Synyster Gates come up with his name?<br/><br/>This skill* knows all this and much more.<br/><br/>For all you A7X fans, come play an Avenged Sevenfold trivia quiz game!<br/><br/>*Unofficial: By an A7X fan.

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avenged sevenfold fan game

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June 7th 2017