Auto-Destruct Sequence - Alexa Skill

Auto-Destruct Sequence

Jon Stout

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Or say "Alexa, enable Auto-Destruct Sequence"

Lets you live out your childhood dream of blowing starships up with just your voice and a boss-sounding code phrase.

Finally, you can live out your childhood fantasy of destroying everything you know and love with a boss, super-dramatic code phrase. Valid command codes include &quot;PICARD FOUR SEVEN ALPHA TANGO&quot; and &quot;SISKO ALPHA ONE ALPHA.&quot; See if you can guess the rest!<br/><br/>(Note: skill does not actually blow anything up, even if your Alexa is connected to a warp core. Developer not responsible for any incidental acts of destruction that happen to occur in the skill's vicinity. The skill doesn't even set up a timer or anything, because the developer hasn't figured out how to do stuff like that. This is a fan product based on the STAR TREK franchise, which is owned by the estate of Gene Roddenberry, Paramount Pictures, and Viacom. Please support the official release.)

Invocation Name

auto destruct sequence

Interaction Examples

alexa start auto destruct sequence
authorization sisko alpha one alpha
code picard four-seven alpha tango

Release Date

June 25th 2017