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Aussie Trivia



Or say "Alexa, enable Aussie Trivia"

Aussie love Trivia, lets see get on with Aussie Trivia

Welcome to Aussie trivia! Test your knowledge about the beautiful country of Australia, compete with your mates for better scores.<br /><br />Start by saying &quot;Alexa, launch Aussie Trivia&quot;<br />Alexa will then explain the rules of the game.<br />- She'll ask you 5 questions<br />- Say the number of the answer you choose<br />- If you don't know simply say, &quot;I Don't Know&quot; and she'll adjust your score accordingly after moving on to the next question.<br /><br />You can end anytime by saying &quot;stop&quot; or &quot;exit&quot; <br />This skill will be updated regularly for expanding your aussie knowledge.

Invocation Name

aussie trivia

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch Aussie Trivia
My answer is one
I don't know

Release Date

February 3rd 2017