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Audio Station

Synology Inc.

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Or say "Alexa, enable Audio Station"

Easily control the playback of songs, albums, and customized playlist from Synology Audio Station streaming to your Alexa device

**You must have a Synology NAS to run the Audio Station skill. Install or update to Audio Station 6.3.0 on your NAS first, and you can then experience the complete functionality.*<br/><br/>Stream your music collection with Audio Station skill. Simply start with &quot;Alexa ask Audio Station to play&hellip;.&quot;, and enjoy your songs and playlists stored on Audio Station right away!<br/><br/>Before getting started, check the tutorial on how to set up on your Synology NAS: <br/>

Invocation Name

audio station

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Audio Station to play Let it go
Alexa, ask Audio Station to play the music by Michael Jackson
Alexa, ask Audio Station what's playing

Release Date

October 24th 2017