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Or say "Alexa, enable Atlas Insights"

Interested in publicly available metrics? Now you can ask Alexa for the latest data on hundreds of metrics that you hear on your favorite financial news show.

Do you love hearing about metrics when you tune into your favorite cable financial news show? Are you wondering what GDP is right now? Are you wondering what the latest Unemployment number is right now? Now you can ask Alexa and it will search our database of hundreds of publicly available metrics and let you know the latest number without having to wait for the TV new anchor.<br/><br/>Enable the skill and get started: say &ldquo;Alexa, ask Atlas Insights. . . .&rdquo; Use the Skill to stay updated on publicly available data you would like to know about<br/><br/>And, stay tuned&mdash;we&rsquo;ll let you know as we add support for more public data and to your private metrics available through Atlas Insights.

Invocation Name

atlas insights

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Ask Atlas Insights about the Unemployment Rate
Alexa, Ask Atlas Insights about Featured Metrics
Alexa, Ask Atlas Insights to Search for Consumer

Release Date

April 26th 2017