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Astronomy seeing conditions forecast, monthly observing highlights, distances and brightness data, and sunspot activity summaries.

Astronomy Guide provides the astronomer with information on what to see in the sky, and how well it can be seen! Say your location to Astronomy Guide, and it will provide atmospheric and seeing conditions for the night's sky at your location. Provides moon phase, sunrise, and sunset info, in addition to atmospheric conditions. Ask for viewing highlights for this month or an upcoming month, and Astronomy Guide will provide observing events, highlights, and visible Messier objects for evenings during the month. Astronomy Guide can also describe whether the Sun is displaying any sunspots, to help guide your daytime observing. Additional phrases include: "Alexa, ask Astronomy Guide for seeing conditions near Madison, Wisconsin." [Or just about any other city in the US and Canada] "Alexa, ask Astronomy Guide which planets are visible in June." [Your choice of month.] "Alexa, ask Astronomy Guide for observing highlights in March." [Again, your choice of month.] "Alexa, ask Astronomy Guide if I can see M42." [full Messier catalog available, along with suggestions during each month.] "Alexa, ask Astronomy Guide for info on Ganymede." [try your favorite solar system object] "Alexa, ask Astronomy Guide for a sunspot report." [provides live data from NOAA] "Alexa, ask Astronomy Guide how far Neptune is." [try your favorite solar system object] "Alexa, ask Astronomy Guide how bright M44 is." [try your favorite Messier Object or solar system object] Data from NOAA, Weather Underground,, and the Canadian Meteorological Centre. 2017 viewing highlights from Guy Ottewell's Astronomic Calendar. Calculations supported by PyEphem. Astronomy Guide does not claim ownership of information from these sources, and does not profit from redistribution of these data.

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Alexa, ask Astronomy Guide for viewing conditions tonight in Ann Arbor Michigan.
Alexa, ask Astronomy Guide about sunspots.
Alexa, ask Astronomy Guide for highlights in February.

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January 4th 2017