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Assembly's Relentless Pursuit of "Why"



Or say "Alexa, enable Assembly's Relentless Pursuit of "Why""

A daily dose of inspiration through thought-provoking 'why' questions.

Assembly, in its relentless pursuit of &quot;why,&quot; aims to inspire you to take a moment out of your day to question the norm. <br/><br/>Why do we accept everything we are told? If you are content staying in your lane and not rocking the boat, don't enable this skill. <br/><br/>However, if you are:<br/>Committed to the right, not the obvious answer.<br/>A rebel, blasting through the status quo.<br/>Exceptional and produce enduring work.<br/>Honest and transparent in all your relationships.<br/><br/>Then enable this skill and starting asking &quot;why.&quot;

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media assembly

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Media Assembly to give me a 'why' question
Alexa, ask Media Assembly to inspire me
Alexa, ask Media Assembly to give me a tip

Release Date

May 12th 2017