Or say "Alexa, enable Ask GeorgiaGov"

Answers questions about the Georgia state government's services.

The skill helps you to find information on Georgia state government services. Ask a question to get information about that topic. Keep your questions short and simple for best results.<br/><br/>Instead of asking:<br/>&#10060; &quot;I just moved to Georgia from Alabama last week, I want to know how I can transfer my driver's license?&quot;<br/>simply ask:<br/>&#9989; &quot;How do I transfer my out-of-state license?&quot;<br/><br/>You'll first get general information on the topic. If your question isn't answered with that, you'll have the option of hearing a list of more specific information.<br/><br/>If you still need further assistance by phone, you can say:<br/>&#9989; &quot;Give me their phone number.&quot;<br/>If you use the Amazon Alexa app, a card will be sent to it with that phone number.<br/><br/>You can say &quot;Alexa, stop&quot; to interrupt Alexa if she's a bit too long-winded, or say &quot;Alexa, exit&quot; at any time to leave the skill completely.

Invocation Name

georgia gov.

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Georgia gov.
How much does a gun license cost?
Explain how to apply for a business license.

Release Date

August 31st 2017