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Artful Ideas

Peter F.

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Or say "Alexa, enable Artful Ideas"

Let Alexa spark your imagination and get your creativity flowing.

If you would like to draw more, or have exhausted your reserves of interesting or wacky art prompts, just ask Alexa to get you back to the drawing board, literally!<br/><br/>When prompted, Alexa will give you three random components to include in your masterpiece:<br/><br/> &ndash; A main character, such as a doctor, a computer geek, or a puppy.<br/> &ndash; An object, such as a flashlight, a sandwich, or a turtle.<br/> &ndash; A setting, such as the city, a meadow, or a cottage.<br/><br/>There are many components, with more still being added.

Invocation Name

artful ideas

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Artful Ideas for an idea
Alexa, tell Artful Ideas to repeat the last idea
Alexa, ask Artful Ideas to inspire me

Release Date

May 10th 2017