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Arsenal Trivia

Praveen Yallakara

Or say "Alexa, enable Arsenal Trivia"

Arsenal are one of the premier football clubs based in Highbury,London. Learn interesting and fun facts about Arsenal through an interactive quiz.

To enable the skill, say &quot;Alexa open arsenal trivia&quot;.Alexa will ask you a specific number of questions and give you a few options to choose the right answer from.You can choose the right answer by saying of the following -<br/><br/>- {Answer} is my answer<br/>- Is it {Answer}<br/>- my answer is {Answer}<br/>- {Answer}<br/><br/>If you don't know, you can say - &quot;I don't know&quot;,&quot;Don't know&quot;,&quot;who knows&quot;,&quot;skip&quot;,&quot;I don't know this question&quot; or &quot;I don't know that one&quot;<br/><br/>To start a new game at any point, you can say &quot;start new game&quot;,&quot;start&quot;,&quot;start game&quot; or &quot;new game&quot;

Invocation Name

arsenal trivia

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open Arsenal Trivia

Release Date

August 16th 2017