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Arizona Diamondbacks Unofficial

Dustin Coates

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Get the latest scores and standings for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

For fans of Arizona Diamondbacks baseball who want to know their latest score, their next game, their standings, or how they've been doing lately (are they on a winning streak (oh yeah!) or a rough patch (oh no)). <br/><br/>Ask the Diamondbacks baseball skill &quot;how have they been doing?&quot; or &quot;what is their record&quot; or even &quot;when is their next game?&quot; Stay up to date with the Arizona Diamondbacks no matter if you live in Arizona or far away.

Invocation Name

arizona baseball

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Arizona Baseball if Arizona is in first place.
How have the Diamondbacks done lately?
What is the next time Arizona plays?

Release Date

December 30th 2017