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Aristo will answer your science questions. Interested in learning what causes the tides or what clouds are made of? Ask Aristo!

Aristo is a basic science question answering skill. You can ask Aristo questions about biology, chemistry and other science subjects. Aristo supports knowledge lookup (what are clouds made of) and basic reasoning (who studies fossils and dinosaurs) questions. <br/><br/>To ask Aristo a question, you can say things like:<br/>Alexa ask Aristo what are clouds made of?<br/>Alexa ask Aristo what is the temperature of absolute zero in Kelvin?<br/><br/>For longer questions invoke Aristo and ask your question after being prompted. For example:<br/>Alexa, open Aristo. <br/>(After Aristo prompts you for a question)<br/>A person who studies fossils and prehistoric life such as dinosaurs is known as a what?<br/><br/>Aristo is an AI project being developed by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. To learn more check out:

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Interaction Examples

Alexa ask Aristo what causes the tides?
Alexa ask Aristo what is a negative effect of cutting down trees?
Alexa ask Aristo which cells contain a nucleus?

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May 17th 2017