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The Artificially Intelligent Data Scientist

Archie.AI - The Artificially Intelligence Data Scientist. <br/><br/>Talk to Archie about your data in plain English. <br/><br/>Just say &quot;Talk to Archie Voice&quot; to get started. <br/><br/>Archie analyzes your data to provide you with data-driven advice to make better decisions. You can talk to Archie about your data in plain English. In short, it is a layer of Artificial Intelligence on top of your existing Data Set (e.g. Google Analytics&trade;, SQL Database)<br/><br/>Archie provides on-demand data analysis, insights and briefings during your morning run, or at the end of the day. Get immediate revenue numbers when discussing sales strategy with team-members and get notified of patterns and anomalies in your data as they occur.<br/><br/>Right now, full time data scientists do these tasks. They fetch old data and analyze for patterns to report. They use SQL queries or write computer code to fetch the data to compute. Archie is replacing this job.<br/><br/>You can ask Archie questions like:<br/>&#55357;&#56492; &ldquo;Where did I get most of my traffic in the last 24 hours?&rdquo;<br/>&#55357;&#56492; &ldquo;Please predict next week's traffic.&rdquo;<br/>&#55357;&#56492; &ldquo;Give me my weekly briefing.&rdquo; <br/>&#55357;&#56492; &ldquo;Give me an advice on how to boost traffic.&rdquo;<br/><br/>Additional Features: <br/>&raquo; Weekly AI report on your web property.<br/>&raquo; Use the full-featured WebApp, available at<br/>&raquo; Chrome Extension Available at the Chrome Web Store. <br/>&raquo; Reports on Anomalies and Patterns in real-time.<br/><br/>Visit for more info.

Invocation Name

archie voice

Interaction Examples

Alexa, talk to Archie Voice
Alexa, ask Archie Voice
Alexa, ask Archie Voice to give me daily briefing

Release Date

August 30th 2017