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Arbonne My Office

Arbonne International, LLC

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Or say "Alexa, enable Arbonne My Office"

Ask about your Arbonne Independent Consultant volume metrics and team status

Now you can find out important metrics about your business and team hands-free! Ask for your monthly volume, new team members and even who has a birthday coming up. Connects to your Arbonne Independent Consultant account to access realtime data. Now Alexa can help you stay in touch with the health of your business while you do other tasks like getting ready in the morning or cooking dinner. As we add new features and capabilities, your Alexa device will automatically be able to use these them. We appreciate any feedback and suggestions you may have for improvements. Just contact your field support specialist and let them know you have been using the Alexa My Office skill.

Invocation Name

my office

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask My Office, what is my volume at the Area level?
Alexa, ask My Office, how many new consultants do I have?
Alexa, ask My Office, who has a birthday this month?

Release Date

November 2nd 2016