Aquarium Light - Alexa Skill

Aquarium Light



Or say "Alexa, enable Aquarium Light"

Control your Prime or PrimeHD light via voice control. May also work with Hydra HD lights.

Voice control has come to the Prime and Hydra HD lights! Your phone or computer are not at your fingertips when you are elbow deep in your tank. No more yelling to your spouse, simply yell at your light. Notice your lights turning off while you are working on the tank? No problem! Tell it to get brighter or turn off the schedule. Tell it more! Like change to a color, set colors to specific values, turn to moonlight or sunrise, or read the colors aloud. Friends coming over? Show off the tank by telling it to change to show-off mode. Spouse doesn't like that neon glow? No problem, tell it turn down or less blue.<br/><br/>Usage Examples - Tell your light to:<br/><br/>Change to a specific color - Sets the color to 100%. Turns all other colors to 0.<br/>-turn {color}, e.g. turn blue<br/>Some preset values are provided for common light settings:<br/>-turn to sunrise<br/>-turn to sunset<br/>-turn to moonlight<br/>-turn to show off<br/>-turn to pink<br/><br/>Set a color to a specific value - Keeps all current values and changes the specified color to the specified value. A number or percentage can be passed as the value.<br/>-set {color} to {value}, e.g. set blue to 500<br/>-set {color} to {percent}, e.g. set green to 50 percent<br/>-set all colors to {percent} or {value}<br/><br/>More or less of a color - Keeps all current values and increments the requested color by a percentage. The terms &quot;way&quot;, &quot;lots&quot;, &quot;a lot&quot;, and &quot;tons&quot; can be used to influence the percentage.<br/>-more {color}, e.g. more blue (adds 15%)<br/>-less {color}, e.g. less red (subtracts 15%)<br/>-way more u. v. (adds 35%)<br/>-tons more royal (adds 45%)<br/>-way less red (subtracts 35%)<br/>-tons less white (subtracts 45%)<br/><br/>Turn on or off - Turns the light completely on or off. When told to turn on, the schedule is turned on and the light will be set to the the value it should be according to the schedule.<br/>-turn on<br/>-turn off<br/><br/>Enable or disable the schedule - Enables or disables the schedule. When the schedule is disabled, the light remains at its current settings. When the schedule is enabled, the light will be set to the the value it should be according to the schedule.<br/>-enable the schedule<br/>-disable the schedule<br/><br/>Turn up or down - Increases or decreases all colors that are on by a percentage. The terms &quot;way&quot;, &quot;lots&quot;, &quot;a lot&quot;, and &quot;tons&quot; can be used to influence the percentage.<br/>-turn up (adds 15%)<br/>-turn down (subtracts 15%)<br/>-get brighter (adds 15%)<br/>-get darker (subtracts 15%)<br/>-get dimmer (subtracts 15%)<br/>-get way brighter (adds 35%)<br/>-get tons brighter (adds 45%)<br/>-get way darker (subtracts 35%)<br/>-get tons darker (subtracts 45%)<br/>-more light (adds 15%)<br/>-less light (subtracts 15%)<br/><br/>Read a color - Reads the value of the specific color.<br/>-read {color}, e.g. read green<br/>-read all colors<br/><br/>Link your account - Links your account.<br/>-link account<br/><br/>Help - Presents help syntax.<br/>-help<br/><br/>Other Info:<br/>This app does not overwrite or modify your current schedule. It turns the schedule off (manual mode) to set values. You must tell it to return to schedule when you have finished playing.<br/><br/>Prerequisites:<br/>You must own a Prime, PrimeHD, or Hydra light<br/>Your must have an account on<br/>Your Prime light must be added to your account<br/>You must link your account through this app<br/>If you are in a parent/child configuration, you must ONLY add the parent light<br/><br/>Restrictions:<br/>Currently only supports changing the color of one light (multiple if you add the parent). The next version will have multi-tank support.<br/>In theory this may work with the HydraHD lights. The next version will have official support for non-HD Hydras.<br/>This only works with AI lights. I will consider Radion support in the next version if I get enough feedback that indicates people are interested.<br/><br/>Misc:<br/>This application is not affiliated with C2 Development or Aqua Illumination in any way. Please see the terms of use/privacy information for details.

Invocation Name

tank light

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell the tank light to turn blue
Alexa, tell the tank light to get brighter
Alexa, tell the tank light to turn off

Release Date

May 25th 2017