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Aquarium I.D.

Ton Tran

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A reference guide to learn more about saltwater fish, invertebrates, and corals commonly found in saltwater aquariums.

Aquarium I.D. is used by the saltwater hobbyist to help them pick and choose which fish or corals to add to their aquarium. Since 2012, Aquarium I.D. was only available for iOS and Android devices.<br/><br/>You can ask, &quot;Alexa ask Aquarium I.D. what is a Lionfish?&quot;

Invocation Name

aquarium i. d.

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Aquarium I.D.
Alexa, ask Aquarium I.D. what is a Volition Lionfish
Alexa, ask Aquarium I.D. what is a False Percula Clownfish

Release Date

December 14th 2017