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Get More Done with, the #1 To-do list, Calendar &amp; Reminders App. Now works in perfect harmony with Amazon Alexa.<br/><br/>To get started, enable the Skill on Alexa, grant Lists read/write permissions and link to by creating a new account or signing-in to your existing account.<br/><br/>Once connected, your Alexa Shopping &amp; To-do lists will be added as new lists to your account (at the moment, these are the only lists available on Alexa).<br/>Then just say &lsquo;Alexa, add birthday plans to my To-Do list&rsquo; or &lsquo;Alexa, add tomatoes to my Shopping list&rsquo;.<br/>Your tasks will immediately sync to your account on mobile, desktop and tablet - so you&rsquo;ll have it with you anytime, anywhere.<br/><br/>New to<br/>Visit to download the app and start getting more done!<br/>If you have any questions or issues connecting Alexa with, please contact

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September 7th 2017