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AnyMote Smart Remote

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Or say "Alexa, enable AnyMote Smart Remote"

Turn your voice into a real universal remote! Alexa, tell AnyMote to power on my TV.

Control all your home electronics over Wi-Fi or InfraRed through the Smart IR Remote and AnyMote skill for Alexa. To use this skill, you need Smart IR Remote - AnyMote from Google Play or Apple AppStore. If you want to control devices that have infrared sensors (e.g., a TV, Set Top Box, AV equipment, etc.), you’ll need a phone that has an IR Blaster like the Galaxy S4, S5, S6, HTC One, LG G4 (Moto G, E, X and the Fire Phone don't have it), or an external IR Blaster accessory, like the AnyMote Home. For more information and setup instructions, go to Once you’re all set up and have your remotes added in the Smart IR Remote - AnyMote app, you can perform all the actions you’d normally perform through the remote - just by asking Alexa.

Invocation Name

any mote

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask AnyMote to play my Sonos
Alexa, ask AnyMote to power off my TV
Alexa, ask AnyMote to mute my living room tv

Release Date

December 4th 2015