AntiJoker - Alexa Skill



Or say "Alexa, enable AntiJoker"

When asked, Alexa tells the user an anti-joke!

When the user requests a joke, Alexa pulls an anti joke from a large set of pre-programmed anti-jokes.<br/><br/>An anti-joke, is a &quot;a joke or riddle-joke that starts like a standard joke or riddle-joke, but then turns out not to be a joke at all. The surprise element thus becoming the joke.&quot;<br/><br/>Jokes are intended for all audiences and contain no suggestive themes or foul language.

Invocation Name

anti joker

Interaction Examples

Alexa open anti joker
Alexa, ask anti joker to tell me an anti joke
Alexa, open anti joker and I want to hear an anti joke

Release Date

December 19th 2017