Anti-Joker - Alexa Skill


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Or say "Alexa, enable Anti-Joker"

Want to hear the unfunniest jokes around? Check out Anti-Joker now!

Anti-Joker is here to make your day, or ruin it; whatever you decide! Simply ask Anti-Joker for an anti-joke, something unfunny, whatever you want, and it will deliver. - Over 40 anti-jokes to hear - Great for the whole family - Not funny in the slightest PLEASE NOTE: - anti-humor is a type of indirect humor that involves the joke-teller delivering something which is intentionally not funny, or lacking in intrinsic meaning - may not be suitable for all ages

Invocation Name

anti joker

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Anti-Joker
Alexa, ask Anti-Joker to tell me an anti joke
Alexa, ask Anti-Joker to make me laugh

Release Date

November 2nd 2016