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Animal Sounds

Milena Zurmuehl

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Or say "Alexa, enable Animal Sounds"

The Animalsound-Skill plays you the voices of different animals and gives you some additional information about them, if you want it to.

Do you actually know what a hippo sounds like? And what noise does a seal make? Or would you just like to listen to the sound of a lion? Then this skill is exactly what you need. You can tell Animalsound which animal you would like to hear by e.g. saying &quot;What sound does a hippo make?&quot; or &quot;Play me the sound of a lion&quot;. It also asks you if you want to hear some information about the specific animal you were listening to. If you say &quot;yes&quot;, the skill tells you a random fact about the animal. If you do not want to be asked each time, you can change it in the settings of the skill by e.g. saying &quot;Change the settings to 'voice only'&quot;. To change back you just have to say for example &quot;Set settings to &quot;voice and information&quot; again.<br/>You can also ask for information about a specific animal first. In this case, Animalsound asks you if you want to listen to the sound of the animal after reading a random fact about it to you. <br/>If you are not completely sure what exactly you should ask the skill you can always call for help and the skill will give you some example-sentences. <br/>Animalsound is a perfect skill for children to learn something about different animals and for having some fun at the same time. Try it out yourself!<br/><br/>(Main References for random facts: &quot;; and &quot;;

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Animalsound how does an elephant sound like?
Alexa, ask Animalsound to play me the sound of a seal?
Alexa, ask Animalsound which sound does a hippo make?

Release Date

October 13th 2017