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Animal Sounds


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Or say "Alexa, enable Animal Sounds"

You can now get Alexa to make real animal sounds, give it a try!

You can now ask Alexa what sound an animal makes.<br/><br/>Real animal sounds are used in this skill so you will learn what the animal really sounds like.<br/><br/>Here is a list of the available sounds<br/><br/> sheep <br/> fox <br/> goat <br/> dog <br/> lion <br/> whale <br/> dolphin <br/> tiger <br/> crow <br/> cat <br/> seagull <br/> rooster <br/> squirrel <br/> rhino <br/> peacock <br/> bat <br/> otter <br/> crocodile <br/> hippo <br/> raccoon <br/> hawk <br/> zebra <br/> hyena <br/> lemur <br/> panther <br/> panda <br/> koala <br/> gorilla <br/> jaguar <br/> wolf <br/> cow <br/> moose <br/> penguin <br/> unicorn <br/> owl <br/> pig <br/> turkey <br/> donkey <br/> guinea pig <br/> chicken <br/> duck <br/> goose <br/> alpaca <br/> sea lion <br/> camel <br/> bee <br/> wasp <br/> mosquito <br/> cricket <br/> bird <br/> snake <br/> frog <br/> elephant <br/> horse <br/> bear <br/> monkey<br/><br/>You can also say random for a random animal sound.

Invocation Name

animal sounds

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Animal Sounds

Release Date

October 8th 2017