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Animal Sounds

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Or say "Alexa, enable Animal Sounds"

From now on Alexa knows the sound of over 30 animals. Just ask her.

&quot;Animal Sounds&quot; provides individual sounds of more than 30 animals. For a realistic sound real animal sounds are embedded in the response of Alexa.<br/><br/>You miss an animal? Make a wish on<br/><br/>If you want to know the sound of an animal simply ask: &quot;What's the sound of the cow?&quot; or &quot;What does the cat say?&quot;<br/><br/>Or: &quot;Alexa, ask Animal Sounds for the sound of a bird.&quot;<br/><br/>We appreciate a positive review if you like the skill. If you have problems using the skill just send us an email to<br/><br/>And now have fun with the sounds of the animals.

Invocation Name

animal sounds

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Animal Sounds for the sound of a cat.
for the sound of a cow
What is the sound of a dog?

Release Date

May 26th 2017