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Animal Master


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Or say "Alexa, enable Animal Master"

Play an animal guessing game with Alexa!

In Animal Master, Alexa will pick 5 animals for you, and you will be given hint by hint to guess the answer. You start the game with 10 points and gain points for every correct answer. You earn more points the fewer hints you need to guess, but be careful because you?ll lose 1 point for each wrong answer. Your game is automatically saved, so if you accidentally end the game. Just launch the game and say "Continue" to resume it. During the game, you can: * Say your answer to make a guess. * Say "Next Hint" to go to the next hint for an animal. * Say "Skip" if you want to skip to the next animal, without making a guess. * Say "Repeat" to repeat the current hint, and "Repeat All" to repeat all the hints you?ve heard for the animal. * Say "Score" to ask for your score.

Invocation Name

animal master

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start Animal Master.
Alexa, ask Animal Master to start a new game.

Release Date

June 10th 2016